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Speedplanning applied to solve Syrian conflict (one solution)

Why not? Speedplanning, is a method designed to solve any problem, using two interesting and creative tools, first mindmap, after that, interrelations diagram. For example, in a creative meeting, a team can offer better ideas about the syrian conflict, throught mental map, is possible to create an logical structure for these ideas. But it's also important to put temporary order in all main ideas, following the logic of cause and effect, with the diagram of interrelationships.

This exercise is has done, and here is the final result:

How to solve Syrian conflict (
    1a Identify key people and create a solve team committee
            1a1 ONU president
            1a2 Russian president
            1a3 Opposition leaders
            1a4 NGO representatives
            1a5 Religius leaders
            1a6 Syrian president
            1a7 IS leader
            1a8 Negotation professional couches and mediators
    1b Make impossible to entry arms into the conflict zone
            1b1 ONU control
            1b2 Stop selling armamament
            1b3 International force pressure
            1b4 Strict control area
    2 Establish several free war zones in the country
            21 ONU control
            22 Safety of children first
            23 With all necessary to live
            24 Hospitals
            25 Schools
    3a Develop an strategy to the country
            3a1 Objective research about causes
            3a2 SWOT
            3a3 Maximum consensus
            3a4 Speedplanning
            3a5 Establish an adapted government form to the situation
    3b Establish an international peace control office
            3b1 ONU
            3b2 International Police
            3b3 Remove all armament
    4a Offer job and future to activists
            4a1 Syrian soldiers
            4a2 IS activists
            4a3 Opposition soldiers
    4b Offer investments to build the country
            4b1 Analize what kind of investments are necessary (clusters study)
            4b2 Establish a roadbook to get an industry development
            4b3 Install international enterprises

MENTAL MAP: Ideas about how to solve the syrian conflict

INTERRELATIONS DIAGRAM: Ordered ideas about how to solve the syrian conflict

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